MB Dreamworld

Embracing the passion of arts, MaybeBlu is a unique brand that defies the conventional thinking of sleepwear.

Often neglected in the fashion industry, what one wears to bed rarely gets the attention it deserves. Reinventing sleepwear as DREAMWEAR, MaybeBlu seeks to bring night and day a little closer together through the art of dreaming.

In collaboration with artist, ISHER DHIMAN, MaybeBlu's launch collection focuses on young women. The designs take you through a journey of a Lady Blu. Oblivious to the world around her, she is set free with a beauty and innocence found only in dreams. These unique designs unfold the story of this young woman inviting collector to be part of her unique Dreamwear World.

Whilst awake, you will not find the need to get out of your Dreamwear. Prolong the cosy, comfortable feeling from your dreamy escapades and make it last all day.

Wherever you choose to dream, make it a MaybeBlu dream with one of our unique designs which are sure to transport you into a comfortable and blissful night or day dream.

About the prints:

The LADY BLU print sees our favourite girl doing what all we ladies love doing best; shopping.

The centrepiece of the current collection; The Girl is the focus of the entire range while subsequent designs compliment and accessorize her.

The PUPPIES are girl's best friends. Inseparable, they accompany her day and night. Like a trusted friend you can take with you wherever you go, dreaming or not.

Which lady doesn't love shoes? SHOES are the perfect accessory to any women's life, day or night, and our Girl just loves them! They decorate and define her, so why not take them into bed with you too and let yourself be immersed into a magical journey of sleepwear.

Join in on the dreamland adventure and reinvent your sleepwear with MaybeBlu world.

See where your dreams will take you tonight...